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Welcome to this space created to share my Yoga journey with you.


updated Nov 15, 2018:

1)The Introduction to Ashtanga course was completed recently.

It is a 6 week course targeted at newcomers to yoga, Ashtanga.  A new course (likely Jan 2019) will start with a 8-10 confirmed participants.
Time-slots are either Fri 7-830pm OR Sat 12-1.30pm.  The course will run across 5 Friday nights or 6 Saturdays.

If you are interested, please email Denise@denisechew.com.sg.

See the 'Class Descriptions & Schedule' tab for more details

I am contactable at Denise@denisechew.com.sg
or via my Facebook Page (Ashtanga with Denise) where I post interesting articles and quotes.

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